Do I need to purchase a computer to manage my e-Dukaan?

No, you do not need to purchase a computer, domain name, or hosting. You do not even need to hire an expert to manage e-Dukaan. It runs exclusively on WhatsApp and is thus easy to be used and managed on your own.

Is e-Dukaan a mobile application?

No it is not a mobile application. You do not have to download or install it. It operates completely on WhatsApp and is thus the most convenient way for business owners and their customers. Hence, e-Dukaan does not consume any additional space on your phone.

How long will it take to set up my shop and start operations?

If all your products are listed in excel format, it will take just half an hour to set up your shop and begin operating.

I don’t have the time or expertise to set up my shop. How can I start using it?

Our support team will assist you to set up the online shop for you.

How can I manage the daily fluctuation in the prices of products that I sell?

The e-Dukaan platform comes with an advanced admin panel to activate or deactivate any product and change the prices instantly.

How do I receive confirmation of customer orders?

The access to products, addition to shopping cart and order placement takes place through WhatsApp. The order confirmation message will be sent to both the customer and the seller on their WhatApp.

My customers are limited. How do I promote my business?

Oe-Dukaan comes with an advanced customer target feature that helps to promote your shop on social media platforms and targets people who live in and around the places where your delivery team can reach.

How can I compete with bigger e-Commerce players?

e-Dukaan comes with attractive pre-designed templates to display products and offers. You can drag and drop the image of your product and provide a look-and-feel just as those of other e-Commerce giants.