Fast Server

With ensured connectivity and support of load demand during the peak hours, e-Dukaan’s server will never let you down!

High Security

Your data and privacy are very important to us. So we, at e-Dukaan ensure that the personal data of the shop owners and customers are not shared or published anywhere unnecessarily. They shall, however, be a part of our internal database to provide better service to you.

24x7 Support

Even though the operations of e-Dukaan do not need any assistance from our end, we are always there to support and extend our helping hands during a glitch. We are a phone call or an email away from you!

Attractive Layout

e-Dukaan gives your customers the perfect online shopping experience with beautifully designed templates and easy navigation.

Digital Marketing

e-Dukaan helps you to spread the word about your business and to find more customers in your area through our social media and digital marketing campaigns.

Zero Investment

e-Dukaan needs no computer, no domain purchase, hosting, or hiring of a technician. Run your online store at a minimal monthly subscription starting from Rs.___only!